Hi, I’m Jeanine.

I originally called Washington D.C. home but am now based in New York City. I've spent 6 years refining my craft in delivering comprehensive digital product design for websites, and mobile apps.

My approach centers on placing people at the core of design. Since 2017, I've partnered with diverse companies, spanning startups, healthcare, eCommerce, and more. I deliver designs that blend aesthetics with insight-driven, human-centered experiences that meet both business objectives and user needs.

For me, design isn't just about aesthetics; it involves delving deep, asking the right questions, and engaging with people. I believe in the power of simple, stunning, and enjoyable design. From tackling intricate customer challenges to architecting user experiences from inception to polished visual designs, I find joy in the entire journey, starting from research and discovery to delivering the final user interface.

Looking ahead in my career, my focus remains on meaningful projects that add value to people's lives and businesses. I’m passionate about creating designs that people not only use but genuinely enjoy.

Currently seeking a product design role where I can collaborate as an individual contributor on end to end design projects.

Professional Experience

Siegel + Gale, 9/21 - Present

DC Capital Connector, 3/20 - 9/21

Wellthi Tech, 10/19 - 9/21

HellaBlack™, 3/19 - 2/21

Mack Weldon, 1/20 - 3/20

Pfizer, 10/19 - 1/20

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Designed a prototype that enabled a $1M raise for Wellthi App


Designed a website that enabled a $50k raise for HellaBlack™


User Experience and Product Design Experience


Increase in PDP effectiveness for Mack Weldon



Low Fidelity Designs
High Fidelity Designs


User Interviews
Card Sorting
Information Architecture


UX Audit
Competitive Analysis
Behavioral Analytics
Workshop Facilitation

Project Management

Business Analysis
Project Roadmapping
Developer Handoffs