JeanineWhite Design

I design digital experiences for people and brands

I am interested in how design can make our lives better. I work to solve questions of how we shop, communicate, and interact with accessible technology.

The Challenge

My original career after college was in fashion product development and production. By happenstance I discovered UX and committed to a career pivot in 2017. Breaking into tech has been a challenge I’ve met and found some cool opportunities along the way.

The Approach

I’ve always been creative and a problem solver. Sounds cliche but it’s true. This is why I had the courage to approach a career pivot. I knew that applying a decade of my existing skills of translating design to development partners, negotiating budgets, creating timelines, conducting user wear testing, and handing off production for New York Fashion Week would lend well to the UX design process. 6+ years and thousands of design decisions I know my approach worked.

Jeanine White Design