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1 click promotional video

Within Pfizer's internal digital team, our goal was to expedite digital service delivery by 30%, surpassing the pace of external vendors. The hospital sales team presented us with a crucial challenge: crafting a promotional video focusing on Pfizer's new one-touch medical device.

This video was essential for an internal Pfizer town hall debut, serving as a powerful visual aid detailing the device's capabilities. Additionally, the sales team envisioned this video transitioning into a potent sales tool for external use.

Our work focused on creating motion graphics ensuring that the video not only showcased the product but also clarify its core functionalities and benefits.

Pfizer 1 click device active header
My role

My primary focus on this project not only included animation and motion graphics utilizing adobe after effects, but also included script review and synthesis, video planning, curating existing assets, storyboard ideation, and handoff client MP4 video deliverable. Working closely with a fellow designer, our mission was to align the creative vision to spotlight Pfizer's one-click medical device in a compelling video narrative.


Storyboarding, Motion Graphics, Music Selection, Video Production


Project began November 2019. Timeline was 3 weeks to complete polished motion graphic video.


Project Manager, UX Designer

High level goals
01/ Clarity the device features and functionality.
02/ Infuse a layer of delight to captivate the audience.
03/ Introduce the device, explain its benefits to the medical community.
04/ Deliver a promo video outlining the provided script.
Consolidation of
existing assets

During the one-click video strategy meeting, the internal client expressed their appreciation for the team's earlier produced Prevnar promotional video. They also provided a script that had received approval from the Marketing and Legal departments. Following this meeting, my next steps were to further review of the project brief provided by Pfizer's hospital stakeholder team to align our efforts with the project goals. Additionally, I studied the previously created Prevnar video and began the process of curating existing assets that aligned with the provided script.

Pfizer 1 click -Challenges_4


Pfizer 1 click - Radial Diagram II

Radial diagram

Pfizer 1 click - Easy, Fast, Effective_3

Fast, easy, effective

Pfizer 1 click - The World

Connecting the world


Pfizer 1 click -Team characters 1


Storyboard planning

After the initial stages, my next focus shifted towards sequencing frames based on an evaluation of the provided script and the synthesis of existing assets. Recognizing the need for additional visuals to accurately tell the story, I began the process of hand sketching a first draft storyboard. The storyboard allowed me to visualize and organize the sequence of frames. I got inspired along the way and drew placeholders for potential graphics and included notes outlining potential animation interactions.

Pfizer 1 click - Hand drawn storyboard
Scene sequencing

I led a collaborative session to review the project with the team, and together, we agreed to proceed with the storyboard draft and align on a 2-minute run time for the video. Refining even further, it was time to prepare the scenes and sequence them. Specifically, I took on the task of producing the scene sequencing chart below, which involved segmenting scenes and outlining their specific purposes to effectively convey the narrative.

Pfizer Scene Sequence Chart + Base
Pfizer 1 click -Device and logo mockup
Pfizer 1 click -place order button
Pfizer 1 click - Device special effect
Pfizer 1 click -Stock scale chart
Pfizer 1 click -Device instructional
Final Video

The production of the final video encompassed collaborative brainstorming, storyboard refinement, and meticulous scene sequencing, culminating in a captivating visual narrative crafted using Adobe After Effects.


Wrapping up this project journey, the teamwork and creativity within Pfizer's digital team to craft the one-click video was a win. From aligning with the hospital sales team's vision to integrating motion graphics and animation, every step was a dedicated effort to showcase the device's transformative potential. We paved the way for an engaging and impactful visual narrative, poised to resonate with both internal and external audiences.


This video is set to empower users with insights into how the one-click medical device streamlines hospital operations, and simplify the high volume medicine ordering process, ultimately enhancing the efficiency of the supply chain.

business impact

By demonstrating Pfizer's commitment to innovation and efficiency, this video reinforces the company's brand positioning as a leader in cutting-edge medical technology. As a powerful asset premiering at Pfizer's internal town hall and future sales endeavors, its capacity to educate external and internal stakeholders is substantial.

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