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C. Hill Artistry, an experienced stylist with a distinct creative vision, approached me to build her initial website. Seeking more than a conventional portfolio site, she envisioned a platform that not only showcased her talent but also provided a seamless experience for clients to book services. The challenge was to integrate her Acuity scheduling system, while implementing custom styling and content strategy inspired by her unique creative direction.

My job was to ensure that visitors not only gained knowledge of her expertise but also experience a visually appealing and immersive representation of her work.

My role

In this project, I played a pivotal role in transforming C. Hill Artistry's creative vision into a tangible digital identity. As the designer and developer, I built upon the stylist's initial direction to craft an elegant website that not only showcased her exceptional hair artistry but also seamlessly integrated functional elements like the Acuity scheduling system. My responsibilities encompassed custom styling, implementing a tailored content strategy, and ensuring the successful translation of the stylist's unique aesthetic into a cohesive and user-friendly online experience.


Photo Editing, Acuity integration,
End-to-End Design & Development


4 weeks to deliver launched wordpress website.


Myself and the Client Stakeholder

High level goals
01/ Showcasing creative vision to elevate C. Hill Artistry's digital identity
02/ Functional integration the Acuity scheduling system into the website to streamline the booking process for clients
03/ Custom styling to differentiate the website from other salon platforms and align the brand identity.
04/ Engaging content strategy to engage visitors with relevant information about services offered, pricing details, and the stylist's policies.
Design Direction

Inspired by 90s hair stylist books, I opted for a modern bento box-style design, stacking elements of photography with strategic calls to action on the homepage. On the services page, 90% of the interface was built using Acuity scheduling. The secondary navigation was exposed, and stackable content was utilized to guide users through the service experience. Service categories are laid out to facilitate prompt booking, focusing on the stylist's top 5 requested client services.

C.Hill homepage wireframe
Services Wireframe

The client provided a substantial collection of brand photos. I edited and selected the options that best suited the website.

Visual Design
Chill Artistry logo block
C.Hill color palette
Final Design

After the website launch C.Hill Artistry noted a significant increase in her business.


Retention of returning clients due to booking systemization.


USER Adoption of salon policies outlined on the website.


Increase in new client booking through her website and integrated Acuity platform.

35% +

Yearly Increase in Profit projection.
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