DC Capital Connector

Designing a platform to connect Small businesses with local financial resources

Services: UX/ UI Design
Tools: Sketch, Photoshop, Invision, Wordpress

DC Capital Connector is a website and mobile app that aligns small business with partner banks and local government services. 


UX/UI Design



iOS & Android App Design

For the second annual Rejuvenate conference the Wiild group wanted a website that communicated a cohesive branding message and set high expectation for the event attendees experience.


Working with the marketing team, we decided a restructuring of the information architecture and navigation would lead to stronger ticket sales.

Through the design I provided multiple ways for users to learn more about the event, Wiild group, the agenda, and to register for tickets.



The Wiild group is focused on empowering women in leadership through community. The new website design visually communicates connectivity.

Giving attendees tools to relax, hear from thought leaders, and build themselves holistically is outlined throughout the entire site. 

Business Impact

After launch of the new website there was a quick uptick in site visits and shares. The website launched in February 2020, Wiild group received feedback from potential event attendees concerned about the ongoing news coverage of the Coronavirus. In March 2020 Wiild group postponed Rejuvenation conference until 2021. Based on these facts I quickly redesigned the site for new podcast and bookclub opportunities.